In the competition intense international trade, how to reduce the cost, make ship freight more efficient, has been the focal point. We are a specialized manufactory to production and sales bulk cargo and bulk liquid packaging which will help our clients think different way, choose the best value.

Our products are classified into two categories: bulk cargo packaging from FIBC for 500-1,200kg to Dry bulk liner for 20’ and 40’ container; bulk liquid packaging from IBC for 1,000 liters to flexitank for 20’ container. Otherwise, we can according your require and design to produce.

Our mission:Help our clients think different way, choose the best value , be the best partner to reduce the cost.

You will find our products information on the following pages and we are looking forward to working with you!

Flexitank (or call flexibag) is the disposable package for transport bulk non-hazardous liquid in 20’ container
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